Jim CastingI was born in Salem, Oregon in 1947, and started fishing for bluegill and largemouth bass in a local pond at a young age. I fished a lot with my Dad, but when I caught a 30+ pound Chinook Salmon - with a little help from my dad- I was hooked. It put a fishing bug in me that would not quit.

In my teen years, I tried fly fishing for the first time and loved it, but didn't really get into it until my twenties.

In 1975 we moved to La Pine, Oregon. One morning, I was fly fishing in Wickiup Reservoir for Brown Trout when I lost my extra spool with sinking line. I never found that spool, but the loss inspired me to design my first twin spool fly reel in 1978 - needless to say it left room for improvement.

In the eighties, I began competitive fly fishing and earned numerous awards. Then, before I retired from the US Department of Fish and Wild Life, I completely redesigned my twin spool fly reel, taking advantage of two new technologies - computer-controlled milling machines and using ultra thin braided lines for backing.

Finally, the TWIN REEL meets my standards and I am proud to put my name on it. If you are interested, give me a call at 541-350-0128 or email me.

Jim Crofoot, President
J C Technologies, Inc.