Twin Spools
  • No Extra Spool to Buy
  • Keeps Floating and Sinking Line on the unique Twin Spool
  • A poly-carbonate clasp secures the line on the side not being used.

Open Spool Design

Because of the open spool, bringing the line to the side allows the line to come off just like a spinning reel. You can fish straight down to whatever depth you want using a weighted fly or a heavy jig fly. We have fished down 600 feet for Halibut. You can literally fish from the top to the bottom of almost any lake. It is also awesome in rivers. This is another new feature in this reel.


Twin Reel
Dual Drag System

Compression Drag

The new compression drag on the inside has a stationary series of cured discs that do not rotate or spin and is compressed against a non-movable brass fixture. The compression Drag operates the same in both directions. This makes the TWIN either right or left hand. (Mount the reel the opposite direction and load the line.) The compression drag is completely silent and is sufficient for playing out a large variety of fresh water fish.

The tension control tightens clockwise and when backed all the way off, the spool spins free.

The Compression Drag is part of the Patent and is a technical assembly that Does Not Disassemble. If assembled incorrectly it will not operate properly. This is why the Reel is one Unit and welded together. The entire reel is patented with 18 different claims. The Compression Drag along with all the parts on the Twin Spool Reel is fully warranted against any defects in material or workmanship as long as the reel exists regardless of ownership.



The drag rim on the TWIN creates tremendous breaking power, especially on the Steelhead and Big Salty reels. Touching it automatically overrides the compression drag. Lunker fish are played out by using your finger tips or light pressure with the palm or your hand. When using heavy pressure with the palm of your hand there is no limit on how much drag you can create because your hand strength become the drags power. A glove, like a golfer’s glove may be used to create more friction playing out large ocean fish.

There is no drag system made that is better for personal feel and control than the human hand. You feel every move the fish makes by personal touch, and you have 100% drag control until your fish is landed.