About the hand holding the fish...

"I fished the Twin for my first time on a trip to the waters of Patagonia in southern Chile. I put it to good use on the last day when I fished a stream called the Coyhaique.

The Crofoot TWIN Reel is made to carry two lines at once. You don’t have to tote an extra spool to switch out for a sinking line. It’s right there on your rod. Cover the spool that is not being used with a provided Velcro strap.

The handle and drag are on the same side and the drag works in both directions, which a guy gets used to after an hour or so. The reel can be turned around for right-hand-use.

In one afternoon, I landed 34 trout with the Crofoot reel and the Helios. Stripping line for a longer cast was easier with this reel than any other I’ve used. Because there is no guide over the arbor, the angler can pull line from the reel at a 90-degree angle. I love the concept and I love that it is built in Central Oregon."
-Gary Lewis

Announcing the TROUT SPECIAL Twin Reel

Invented by Jim Crofoot
Holder of two fly fishing world records and
recognized on the Trilene Hall of Fame


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Crofoot twin fly reel
The TWIN Reel
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February 2012

NOW AVAILABLE - New light-weight Trout Special reel.
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Coming Soon - New Steelhead TWIN Reel.

September 21, 2011 The Twin Reel granted patent number 7,798,440B2